Valleyview Co-op Fuel Team
October 26, 2022

Jamie Charette, Petroleum Manager

 Highway #1, Virden
 204-748-2843 office
 204-316-0141 cell

Kyle Gilson, Bulk Lubricant Manager

Highway #1, Virden
204-748-2843 office
 204-250-4343 cell

Services we provide include:

· Bulk Fuel Delivery ·Bulk Lubricants Delivery
· Bulk Def Delivery · Cardlocks
· Tank upgrades  Fuel, Lube, Def
· Auto Fill Program · Early Spring/Harvest Fill Program
· Fuel Lock System · Petroleum Advice


· Top Tier Gas · Premium Gas · Dyed Gas
· Premium Diesel · Commercial Premium Diesel
· Dyed Premium Diesel · Commercial Gas
· Heating Fuel · Commercial Heating Fuel
· Bulk Def · Diesel Engine Oils · Gasoline Engine Oils
· Industrial Hydraulic Oils · Trans-Hydraulic Oils
· Gear Oils, Greases · Diesel Exhaust Fluid
· Window Washer Fluid · Engine Coolants
· Specialty Oils are available for blending with the proper information on equipment.

What sets us apart is our dedicated delivery team.  We have knowledgeable personal who prioritizes safety, and access to technical support from engineers through FCL. We offer free and timely delivery. Our wide selection of products means we can accommodate most requests.

June 2024

One of the few things we all wish we had more of is time. Valleyview Co-op’s Fuel Team can help you reclaim more of your time by delivering quality products when you need them most. Bulk Lubricant Manager Kyle Gilson: “Many of our members are surprised at our options to customize a delivery schedule. I aim to join your farm or business team and always be there when you need us most.”

Options available for delivery

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
DMO 15w40
DMO 10w30
DMO 5w40 Synthetic
DMO 10w30 Synthetic Blend
Elite 5w20
Elite 5w30
Sonic ATF
Hydraulic 22
Hydraulic 32
Custom Orders

To discuss your bulk delivery options or to put together a custom order, contact our Valleyview Co-op Fuel Team at 204-748-2843