Valleyview Co-op Scholarships 2023
February 27, 2023

Education is a key part of a society’s growth and progress. When people are educated, they can significantly contribute to their families and society in various aspects and fields, thus creating a stable and stimulating community.

At Valleyview Co-op we are committed to the growth of our communities  and recognize the importance of supporting our young community members are they begin the next phase of their educational journey. Valleyview Co-op offers 3 scholarship programs, Academic/Merit Scholarship, Children of  Valleyview Co-op Employee Bursary and the Student Employee Scholarship Fund.  We hope through these programs that we are able to show our local students that they are appreciated and supported.  

  1. Academic Merit Scholarship  The successful candidate must display the values of Valleyview Co-op - integrity (be honest and trustworthy), community (be a leader and supportive of community), and excellence (strive to be the best).  Participation in sports, clubs, teams and volunteer work in the community will be considered along with your educational record.  A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student in each of the following schools:  Melita, Reston, Pierson, Virden, Sioux Valley and Hamiota.
  2. Children of Valleyview Co-op Employee Bursary  Awarded to a student who has a parent/guardian actively employed with Valleyview Co-op since January 1st of their graduating year.  The employee must maintain a job performance rating of Fully Achieving in order for their children to qualify.  A single award of $1,000 will be presented each year.  Member Relations Committee will review the applications based on financial need, long term plans/goals, and school and community involvement activities.
  3. Student Employee Scholarship Fund  Valleyview Co-op will apply 20 cents per hour worked towards the student’s post secondary tuition costs. Students must be employed with Valleyview Co-op for a minimum of one year of continuous service at the time of their Grade12 graduation (cut off June 30th) and maintain a job performance rating of fully achieving performance or better.

Applications for all three programs can be completed online.  Please click on the icon that best suits your current situation.

Our 2023 application period is now closed.